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Smart alarm monitoring with a mobile device
Intruder Alarms Windsor Monitor your intruder alarm system
Intruder Alarms Windsor Instant alerts direct to your mobile
Intruder Alarms Windsor Multi- location control intruder alarms
Here at Active Security we have an expert team of installers however, installing a security system is only half the job. We offer services that ensure your protection lasts and therefore you remain protected at all times. Statistically 33% of activated alarms are unnoticed, this is due to a lack of alarm monitoring. We have smart security systems that will allow you to control you alarm, furthermore you will receiving alerts directly when a detector is activated, this will ensure that you notice the alert and can reduce the response time and ensure that your property is secure at all times.
24/7 Intruder alarm monitoring
With a smart security system you know...
Intruder Alarms Windsor When a detector is activated Intruder Alarms Windsor That you can remote view the scene
Intruder Alarms Windsor What's happening in your property Intruder Alarms Windsor That you have alerts directly
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Intruder Alarms Windsor Windsor
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Intruder Alarms Windsor
"Instant alerts for your intruder alarm system"
Intruder Alarms Windsor

With a smart intruder alarm system installed by our experts you can be alerted instantly that a detector has been activated, with this system you can reduce response time to ensure that you are in control of who is on or in your property.

Over the last 12 years we have built an understand for the need to have a secure property, we have provided countless security systems to both homes and business' across Windsor and the surrounding areas to ensure the utmost safety. We can help you today.

The protection you need with Active Security
When it comes to protecting the people, possessions and property, why compromise? Get the protection you need with Active Secuirty. Speak to our team today or send an email to info@activesecurity.com
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Based in Maidenhead and Henley, our professional team carries out installations across the whole of Berkshire. With over three decades of security experience, we'll help you protect your family and secure your business. For further information, contact our friendly team or schedule a site-visit and security survey.
Maidenhead: 01628 670 001   Henley: 01491 413 999   New enquiries & Survey: 01628 878 315
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